Bindusara | Second Emperor of Mauryan Empire

Bindusara (298 B.C.-273 B.C.), son of Chandragupta Maurya, was the second to sit on the throne of the Great Mauryan Dynasty.

There was story behind the Birth of Bindusara, That Was ,

Chankya always felt that Chandra guptas life would be attempted by his enemies. And that came true also because Vishkanya’s were sent to kill Chandragupta Maurya.

So Chankya decided that to protect Chandragupta Maurya he would have to get immune from poison. So he would add a pinch of poison in his food everyday without Chandraguptas knowledge. One day Chandragupta had meals with his wife Dhuradhara. Dhuradhara ate the meals from his plate too and immediately fell very sick. She was just a few days away from giving birth to Bindusara.

In order to save Bindusara life, Chanakya rushed to her and cut off her head to stop the flow of blood through her body and then cut open her stomach and pulled out the baby Bindusara. But a drop of poison fell on baby head and it left a black mark on his forehead hence he was named Bindusara. He was also known as Simhasena.

Bindusara was the father of the great Indian emperor Ashoka who reigned over nearly the entire Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE, expanding the empire that had present-day Bangladesh in the east and Afghanistan in the west.

Some Great Facts of Bindusara

Bindusara further expanded the Mauryan Dynasty as far as Mysore down south. It is said that he conquered sixteen states to extend the empire between the two seas. He did not attack the Dravidian Kingdoms of the Cholas, the Pandyans and the Cheras perhaps because they were friendly with the Mauryan Empire.

Although, He ran the administration smoothly and maintained a good relation with distant countries like the Greeks, the Syrians and the Egyptians. Ambassadors from these countries lived in the King’s Court. He was called ‘Amitrochates’ or the destroyer of enemies by the Greeks.

The Mauryan Empire reached its peak during the rule of Ashoka, the son of Bindusara. He defeated Kalinga in a devastating war but he underwent a transformation after seeing the goriness of the war. He embraced Budhhism and started preaching non-violence. The dynasty crumbled rapidly after him

Death Of Bindusara

There were Historical evidence suggests that he died in the 270s BCE. According to Upinder Singh, Bindusara died around 273 BCE. He believes that he died around 274 BCE.
Sailendra Nath Sen believes that he died around 273-272 BCE, and that his death was followed by a four-year struggle of succession, after which his son Ashoka became the emperor in 269-268 BCE.

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