Meaning, Nature And Concept Of Social Work | What is Social Work

What is social work

Social work is a professional service based not only on scientific skill in human relation but also on the practice of social work which resulted in improving not only the skills in human relations but also in extending knowledge basis of social work.

Definition social work

According to Richmond M E,” the art of bringing about better adjustment in the social relationship of individual men or women or children.”

According to Lee P R, ” the art of changing human attitude are called the total work.”

According to King Arthur,” social work is the provision of services designed to aid individuals, singly or in group in copping with present and future social and psychological of tackle that prevent or likely to prevent full or effective participation in society.”

According to Richmond M.E,” those process which develop personality through adjust mint consciously effected, individual by individual, between men and their social environment.”

Concept of social work

The profession of Social Work continues to grow and develop. the main concept of Social Work discussed in the background for understanding its distinct nature and meaning as related to human and social development and related to delivery of social work services for the development of individual, family and group as a part of human resource development goal.

Nature social work

The nature of social work as a profession all system in social work practice, the growth of social welfare through public and voluntary Agencies and social service system within the Institution of social welfare can hardly be compartmentalized for discussion. Social Work have grown and developed together out of some common need for search service and out of some common individual and Society problems and can be understood only by understanding the development phase.

Objective of social work

  1. To help individuals to attend satisfying relationship and standard of life in accordance with their particular with and capacity provided these are in Germany with those of the community.
  2. To have the individual to keep economic 12 being and a deep sense of happiness that is self realisation.
  3. To under stand human behavior and human relation in totality and help individual to achieve established adjustment between him and his social reality.
  4. To help the individual in the Restoration of impaired capacities.
  5. To help individuals obtain social and personal satisfaction and independent and lead a rich and full life.
  6. To help indivisible in have their social functioning singly and in group through a number of activities which are focused on their social relationship based on interaction between him and his environment.

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