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Social Reforms And Charity Organisation Society In England

Along with indiscriminate and regulated charity (under state control), enactment of poor laws followed by modern social security in England based on Beveridge report, other milestones continue to operate in the historical development of social work in the form of social reform and individual thinking of social reformer.

Other Main streams that can be seen in

  • Social reform movement
  • Organisation society formation
  • Use of Social research method

Social Reforms

The main Reason for the development of social reform movement due to industrialisation was movements by labour Unions. There were restrictions on the organisation of labour Union but Laws pertaining to these restrictions were repeated in 1824. The efforts to improve the condition of the workers were taken up by the trade union of workers. Such help begin to be given in the case of illness, unemployment and for the weak, aged and disabled. In view of the success achieved by the workers unions, the trade union Congress was recognised in the form of National Federation. In 1874 present a team of workers union was elected for the first time in the house of commons of England. The views of social reformers laid the foundation of British model of socialism. But major role in strengthening social reform Movement in England was played by Bernard Shaw, Beatrice Web, Sidney Oliver and Graham Walls.

Charity Organisation Society (COS)

The poor law Reform of 1834 reduce the overall expenditure on poor relief and established a more useful and effective administrative organisation but it could not listen the distance between the employee and industrial labour. many charitable society was established to rescue the inmates of these mixed Beggar home. However these societies also begin to criticised in the society for spending more money on their programmes and also for encouraging more poor to enter into begging and thus discourages them to stand on their own feet.

To bring about such changes in such attitude another Organisation was established in 1869 in the city of London by the name of “society for organizing charitable relief and Repressing Mendicity ” which was redesignated as ” Charity organization society”.

Of the charity organisation society was based on the principle put forward by Thomas Chalmers. Charity Organization society accepted the Chalmer’s view that an individual is responsible for his poverty and receiving charity, destroys his self respect and forces him to beg. Charity organization society also accepted Chalmer’s view that the poor should be asked to use his full capabilities in order to maintain himself. to give a practical shape to these principles, Charity organisation society opened an enquiry department which would collect complete information from poor law officers, Charity societies and philanthropic individuals about the individual seeking aid. In the process Charity organization society came to realise that there are many individuals adopted Beggary as a profession and are receiving help from more than one source.

In addition to the above-mentioned effort of helping the needy, the settlement house movement, under which student from large University started living in dirty slum areas, was another major effort which further strengthened the poor relief efforts

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